Puppy Love: Guide to Pugs ~ Pug Care 101 ~ Tina Tiainen TV

Learn all about what goes into caring for a pug.
~ How are pugs different from other dogs
~How to clean pug wrinkles and folds
~ Temperature considerations for pugs
~ Collars vs. Harnesses
~ Cleaning Ears
~ Brushing Teeth
~ Grooming and Health

Music Credits:
All Music (excluding La Dolce Vita) by
Kevin MacLeod (incompetch.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0
http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b…”Dreamy Flashback”, “C-Funk”, “Bass Walker”, “Comedic Juggernaut”, “B-Roll (ska)”, “NoGoodLayabout”, “Barrom Ballet”, “Merry Go”, “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”, “Monster Promenade”, “Bassa Island Game Loop”, “Chee Zee Beach”, “Future Cha Cha”, “Local Forecast”, “Modern Piano Zeta”, “Divertimento K131”, “Electrodoodle”